04: In-Yo-Face Assassins

On episode four of Unmoderated Alex and Karthik discuss the power of guacamole, Silicon Valley, the loss of youth, beards, modern feminism, Yo (the app), and the risks of Instagram. They also announce an upcoming special guest.

Also, we'd like to apologize for the audio quality this week—we tried a different setup, weren't in our nornmal recording space, and encountered some new problems. Never fear dear listeners, we'll get better.

Show Notes

03: Pre-Professional Potter-er

On episode three of Unmoderated Alex and Karthik discuss lessons learned from cooking omelets, the economic value of being a trophy husband, and the problems of making freedom free. Also discussed are tanks, foursquare (the schoolyard game, not the app), locomotives, and exercise.

We apologize for the weird audio problems in this episode—we are still getting the hang of this whole podcasting thing. Just pretend we are recording from somewhere cool like a spooky cave or the rotunda of the Capitol Building.

Show Notes:

02: The Metaphorical Giggle Jar

On episode two of Umoderated Alex and Karthik discuss the nature of the Internet. Other topics include plotting to take over the world, Karthik's alter-ego as a Qatari prince, approaching social situations using military tactics, and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Show Notes